Dr. Meriden is a specialist in Diabetes, Thyroid, Metabolism, & Hormones, as well as Pituitary, Parathyroid, & Adrenal glands. 

  1. Our Diabetes Program is a unique one and the approach that we take is comprehensive. It involves Diabetes treatment, teaching and education. Carbohydrate counting is an innovative approach that we use in meal planning. Monitoring your own blood sugar and taking charge and control of your diabetes is equally important. We use CGMS continuing glucose monitoring (IPRO) over several days to evaluate, analyze and recommend the best management course for diabetic patients. We also use various insulin pump therapies. We are a certified insulin pump center. Every effort will be made to make you treatment easier and simpler if possible. In addition, we are equally concerned about any possible diabetic complications that you might have developed. We will perform the necessary diagnostic and therapeutic procedures whenever possible, to help treat, alleviate, or prevent these problems which usually include eye changes, nerve damage, foot pain & numbness, ulcers, kidney & heart problems, hardening of the arteries, circulation problems or Atherosclerosis. We also utilize certified Diabetes educators CDE and dietitians who are associated with our center.

    On the right, Dr. Meriden is performing a fine needle aspiration biopsy under ultrasound guidance on a patient with a thyroid nodule.


  2. Thyroid & Metabolism Clinic of IL is focused on the diagnosis and treatment of patients with overactive or under active thyroid as well as thyroid nodules, goiter and cancer.
  3. Obesity & overweight is a concern to Dr. Meriden since obesity significantly increases the risk of Diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and cancer.  We have several weight loss programs, including the nationally know Nutrimed Program for the treatment of this problem. Each program will by custom tailored according to your needs. The degree of weight loss varies from 1 to 5 pounds a week depending on the program. A specialized computer analysis of your metabolism can be made individually to determine your nutritional intake and needs including Micro-nutrients and minerals.
  4. Hypoglycemia receives special attention and our effort to reduce or prevent it will be made through the use of special diets, as well as medication.
  5. High Cholesterol & High Blood Pressure are particularly important to treat effectively and early, since both problems constitute significant risks for hear disease. Treatment usually includes medication, diet, exercise, weight loss and education. Emphasis will be on medications that do not cause sex problems, tiredness or drowsiness.
  6. Osteoporosis & bone disease prevention and treatment are also of interest to Dr. Meriden.
  7. In addition, Dr. Meriden has special interests and expertise in a variety of other problems relating to hormones including erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, menstrual irregularity, risk prevention and other health care issues.

We cannot prescribe new medication or treat patients by mail or by phone. We kindly request that you make an appointment for proper evaluation and treatment. All refills need to be made during office hours.

Our lab is located in our office to perform the most commonly used tests. This is to serve you better and to cause you less inconvenience going to several different locations. However, some tests or x-rays might have to by done at your local hospital. Dr. Meriden or his staff will advise you of that when necessary. If you wish your tests to be done at a specific hospital, please let us know. Lab tests are, of course not included in the office fee. If your first visit is in the morning, please come fasting (nothing to eat or drink after 8 p.m. the previous day). If you have Diabetes, however, you may eat and take your insulin as usual.

Payment & Insurance
Most patients have medical insurance. If you are not sure what your insurance will cover, please contact your insurance agent in advance. We expect payment at the time the service is rendered. Your bill is your responsibility. However, for lab tests and procedures, our staff will be happy to assist you in filing your insurance, but we feel that your insurance policy is contract between you and your insurance company and we cannot act on your behalf if you are not satisfied with your insurance payment. The fee schedule for office visits does not include tests, or procedure. If you are concerned about these fees, please check with our staff before these services are given. The charge for the first few visits is usually higher than the routine follow-up visits. We accept cash, checks and credit card.


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