• Graduated Magna Cum Laude, 1972

  • AMA , Physicians Recognition Award, June 1979 and June 1981

  • American Cancer Society, Life Liner Award, January 1982

  • American Diabetes Association, Upjohn Annual National Award for Outstanding Physician Diabetes Educator, nominated October 1983

  • American Diabetes Association, Citation of Merit, for distinguished service, May 1984

  • American Diabetes Association, Outstanding Service Award, May 1984

  • American Medical Association, Physician Recognition Award, Jan. 1984

  • The Obesity Foundation, Century Award for Support of Education, September 1984

  • The Diabetes Research & Education Foundation Award, in recognition of continued contribution to diabetes research and education, 1985

  • Proctor Community hospital, Citation of Merit, in recognition of continued support to Proctor Hospital mission in Diabetes Research and Education, October 1985

  • American Diabetes Association, National Award for Outstanding Affiliate Service, nominated, November 1985

  • American Diabetes Association, Outstanding Diabetes Educator Award , May 1996

  • Who’s Who in the Midwest, 21st Edition, Marquis 1988-89

  • Distinguished Leadership Award (6789), American Biographical Institute, Feb, 1988

  • International Directory of Distinguished Leadership, Second Edition, 1988

  • Men of Achievement Award, International Bio. Center, Cambridge, England, 1988

  • Citation of Merit for Distinguished Service, American Diabetes Association, March 90

  • Physician Recognition Award, American Medical Association, 1990

  • Who Is Who In America, 48th, 49th, 52nd, 53rd, 63rd Edition, Marquis’ Who Is Who

  • Who is who in the world,15th,16,17th,& 20th. Edition

  • Outstanding people of the 20th. Century, The international biographical center, Cambridge, England,1997.

  • Who is who in Medicine & health care, 2nd edition.

 Dr. Meriden, Past President of the American Diabetes Association, DSIA After he Received the Outstanding Diabetes Educator Award of the Year by the American Diabetes Association



Congressional Medal of Distinction Presented to Dr. Meriden in Recognition of Outstanding Service to the Profession. 


Ronald Reagan gold medal of distinction, presented to Dr.Meriden in appreciation of his efforts in medical education and research, 2004.


Plaque Presented to Dr. Meriden for Outstanding Leadership as a Member of the National Board of Directors of the American Diabetes Association. Republican Congressional Medal of Merit Presented to Dr. Meriden in Recognition of Outstanding Meritorious Services by the National Republican Congressional Committee. 

Dr. Meriden on a world educational tour, meeting with The King of Jordan, His Majesty King Abdulah II.

Present from the 43rd President of the United States of America George W. Bush, Thanking Dr. Meriden for his Efforts and Commitment House Majority Leader, Congressman Bob Michael,  Thanking Dr. Meriden for his Dedication to Diabetes Education
The Right Honorable Richard Lamm, Governor of Colorado Thanking Dr. Meriden for his Efforts in Professional and Public Education in Diabetes and Thyroid Disease The Chairman of the United States Federal Reserve, the Honorable Paul Volcker, Thanking Dr. Meriden for his Efforts in Diabetes Education and Research
An Autographed Present to Dr. Meriden, from the Senate Majority Leader of the United States Congress, Senator Bob Dole, Thanking Dr. Meriden for his Efforts and Commitment
Dr. Meriden and his Staff Accepting an Award From the Mayor of Peoria, The Honorable Bud Grieves, During the National Diabetes Month Dr. Meriden as a Visiting Fellow at the University of Liverpool England with Professor Harold Sheehan, who Described Sheehan Syndrome
Dr. Meriden and his Wife, Lena, at a Thyroid and Diabetes Exhibit and in the Middle is a Picture of Dr. Meriden with the Honorable Jim Maloof, Mayor of Peoria, IL Welcoming Dr. Meriden to the City. 
Dr. Meriden with the director of the NIH Dr. Elias Zarhouni, discussing Diabetes in the new millennium at NAAMA's international convention June 2010.

Dr. Meriden with the President of the American Medical Association Dr.Jeremy Lazarus
at a convetion discussing health care issues. September 2011

Dr Meriden, Chicago Convention Chairman,with the President of the American Medical Association Dr. Ardis Hoven at NAAMA Convention, discussing health care reform. Sept.2, 2012

Dr.Meriden, President of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists - IL 2013, receives the gavel of the presidency from the past president of AACE-IL, Dr Patrick Zeller.

Dr. Meriden with the president of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, Dr. Alan Garber.

Dr. Meriden with the president of the American Thyroid Association, Dr. Hossien Gharib.



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